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Lord Rhys. Saviour of the Deheubarth

A man of firsts. Who was the warrior Lord Rhys, the first Welshman to build a stone castle in Wales and the man who held the first Eisteddfod?

The Normans didn’t like him because he burnt their castles and took their land – which were his in the first place! The king of England was a little suspicious of him, so to be on the safe side, made him his friend. The monks and bishops respected him because he gave them land to build brand new monasteries. And the poets and musicians liked him because he held the first ever Eisteddfod at his grand castle in Cardigan in 1176!

An activity pack, full of ideas for further study, is available to accompany the performance – visit our shop to find out more.

Presenting Welsh history with fun and excitement.

Creative team


Dion Davies


Janet Aethwy


Aled O. Richards

Book Lord Rhys. Saviour of the Deheubarth




One session - £185 + VAT
Two sessions - £295 + VAT
Three sessions - £350 + VAT

Each session lasts approximately an hour long. 
Up to 60 pupils per session.

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