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In Character / Mewn Cymeriad is a theatre company that stages productions on Welsh historical characters and stories.


Launched in 2014, the company’s intention was to produce one person interactive shows for primary schools across Wales, giving students the opportunity to experience an educational and entertaining hour shows. Fast forward to today and In Character has a wide range of theatrical productions available for both young people and adults, all which are centred on a character or a story from Welsh history – spanning from the Celts to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Welsh National Assembly.


The shows act as a stimulus for further study, and each character is accompanied by an educational/activity pack that is carefully prepared so that it links in with the literacy and numeracy requirements of the Welsh Curriculum, providing teachers with new resources to help inform and inspire children to learn more about the history of Wales.

Who’s who?


Eleri Twynog – Director


In Character was founded by Eleri Twynog, a former Head of Marketing and Events at S4C, who introduced live children’s shows at events to promote the S4C brand and programmes. Having left S4C to launch In Character, Eleri works closely alongside freelance writers, directors, designers and actors to promote and realise the vision to educate and entertain young people and wider audiences by bringing Welsh history to life.


Ffion Glyn – Producer

Ffion first collaborated with In Character as an actor, performing in Boudicca – The Warrior Queen and Mary Jones – My Footprint. She later temporarily hung up her acting shoes and spent the next three years working for the Shakespeare Schools Foundation, a cultural educational charity, where she oversaw the world’s largest youth drama project, the Shakespeare Schools Festival, in Wales. With a career that includes working as an actor on touring and outdoor productions; facilitating workshops; and producing, Ffion is delighted to be back with In Character, where she can put all of her experiences to use (and continue to occasionally dress up in the name of history!)


Janet Aethwy –  Theatre Director

Although Janet has acted continuously during her 40 year career, she now spends more and more of her time directing. She’s been a part of In Character from the beginning, and has directed a long list of the company’s shows. She also wrote Kate, which tells the story of Welsh author Kate Roberts. Following a warm reception, Kate was adapted for the radio. She has also directed Estron and Primera Cena for Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru, and for the last twenty years she has produced and directed various animated series for P.O.P1 a Tinopolis. Her recent work includes Dai Potsh, Digbi Draig and two series of Bing. She continues to enjoy some acting, and she appears occasionally on Pobol y Cwm as DI Davies.

Gair o’r ysgolion...

Harri Tudur

Cyflwyniad rhyngweithiol a diddorol sydd yn gwneud hanes yn rhywbeth byw. Diolch!

Ysgol Melin Gruffydd, Caerdydd

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