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T. Llew’s Treasures

Come to celebrate the life and work of the king of Welsh stories for children, T. Llew Jones.

He’s Cati Wyllt’s favourite author and she loves nothing more than sharing her best-loved bits from some of the 35 children’s books that T. Llew wrote.

So, if you have fierce pirates and brave heroes and heroines in your school, let Cati discover them by presenting this energetic show which brings all the excitement and adventures found in T. Llew’s work alive.

This show was developed by In Character in collaboration with Ceredigion Council and Books Council of Wales, and is suitable for Key Stage 2 learners.

This show is only available in Welsh.

Presenting Welsh history with fun and excitement.

Creative team


Nia James


Anwen Carlisle


Anni Llŷn

Book T. Llew’s Treasures




One session - £195 + VAT

Two sessions - £320 + VAT

Three sessions - £375 + VAT

Each session lasts approximately an hour long. 
Up to 60 pupils per session.

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