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A letter to Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards

Join Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards, the man behind Urdd Gobaith Cymru, as we celebrate the Urdd’s centenary!

What would Sir Ifan think of the Urdd today? A lot has changed since he and his wife, Eirys, established this unique organisation a century ago. This show imagines Sir Ifan’s response and gives us the opportunity to re-live and be part of the movement’s early days. Come and celebrate the Urdd’s birthday in the company of the man himself, Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards.


This show is suitable for Progression Step 3 learners.

Presenting Welsh history with fun and excitement.

Creative team


Osian Llewelyn Edwards


Janet Aethwy


Anni Llŷn

Book A letter to Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards




One session - £195 + VAT

Two sessions - £320 + VAT

Three sessions - £375 + VAT

Each session lasts approximately an hour long. 
Up to 60 pupils per session.

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