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I believe that my own life is the biggest theme I know about. Nothing mediocre happens in my life

A show that follows the life of one of Wales’ most important authors – Kate Roberts. Born in Rhosgadfan, she saw the effects of the Great War on her family and her community; in discovering more about her background, we gain a better understanding of what compelled her to write. Although given a ‘respectable’ status by the Welsh community, in truth, she was a stubborn rebel – a woman before her time who worked in the world of men and who gave a voice, through her writing, to the ordinary person. She saw unfairness and unbalance in the world and whilst she was often criticised for being pessimistic, in reality she saw the truth – the truth that is a part of our history – and which she experienced herself throughout her life.


Presenting Welsh history with fun and excitement.

Creative team


Carys Gwilym


Janet Aethwyd


Janet Aethwy

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