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Hedd Wyn – Why we must never forget.

Over a hundred years since the death and Eisteddfod achievement of chief poet Hedd Wyn in 1917, we are pleased to present an unique opportunity for the children of Wales to learn about his heartbreaking but inspiring story and to commemorate the bard of the Black Chair .

Set against the backdrop of the First World War, the children will play an integral part in the production whilst learning about Hedd Wyn’s talent, determination and perserverance to win the coveted Eisteddfod Chair.

We invite you join us to learn more about this special individual and the important role he played in the history of Wales.

Presenting Welsh history with fun and excitement.

Creative team


Sion Emyr


Janet Aethwy


Anni Llŷn

Book Hedd Wyn – Why we must never forget.




One session - £195 + VAT

Two sessions - £320 + VAT

Three sessions - £375 + VAT

Each session lasts approximately an hour long. 
Up to 60 pupils per session.

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