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A mermaid Schoolmistress. A poet. Lecturer. Preacher. Editor. Campaigner. a friend

In an age when women were expected to sit at home quietly sewing, this special girl took a completely different path to her peers. At the age of 26 she had been appointed poet, to the great surprise of every man who competed, for writing a poem about marriage even though she never married herself. Sarah Jane Rees became famous not only in Wales but in the main cities of England and America. But again after all the traveling and speaking it would always be back to its square mile - to Langrannog. Why do you think?  This is a show about a unique, versatile and unexpected girl. This is the history of Cranogwen.

Creative team


Ffion Dafis


Janet Aethwyd


Lynwen Haf Roberts

Book Annie Cwrt Mawr




£650 + TAW

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