On Board the Mimosa Workshop

In 1865, a group of Welsh people made a decision to leave their home and cross the sea to start a new life on the other side of the world in Patagonia. In this workshop, pupils will enquire what it was like to make this big decision and explore how travelling by sea was an opportunity for a new adventure. The session will challenge pupils to consider Wales’s place in the world in the past and the present.

The workshop will be held by Carwyn Jones, one of In Character’s actors.

Suitable for KS2 pupils

Presenting Welsh history with fun and excitement.

Short Film and Workshop Package

As it’s not possible for us to join you at school, this is an opportunity to bring history alive in your class virtually! Watch a short, 15-minute long, film, about a character from Welsh history before taking part in a virtual, 45-minute workshop that will explore the character with the children. 

The short film and workshop package is available at £85 + VAT for one class (up to 35 children).

We can run virtual workshops through Teams, Zoom or Google Classroom and will send relevant resources to the school in advance.

With thanks to the Cultural Recovery Fund for making this work possible

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